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Thailand Service Corps Application Form

Please print, complete and sign the application. Send by mail
to:  Thailand Service Corps    10924 Walden Pond Lane,  EL Paso, TX 79934 Please enclose a $200.00 deposit with your application.
This fee will be credited toward your final project fee cost.  Any questions regarding the application please e-mail us
at:  tscatelp@aol.com  or telephone the TSC office at 1-915-249-2903 or 1-915-346-1252(m)

NAME: ______________________________________ GENDER: ___________

ADDRESS: _________________________ DATE OF BIRTH: __________

CITY/STATE/ZIP: _____________________________________________________

E-MAIL ADDRESS: ___________________________

DAY PHONE: ___________________ EVENING PHONE: __________________







o 3 WEEKS       

o 6 WEEKS     


DESIRED STARTING DATE: ___________________________

DO YOU HAVE ANY SPECIAL DIETARY NEEDS: ______________________________________________________________
(While TSC will attempt to accommodate most dietary needs, TSC makes no affirmation that it will meet the requirements of all dietary needs and special arrangements may need to be taken by the participant in advance.)

PASSPORT DATE OF ISSUE AND PASSPORT NUMBER: ______________________________________

EMERGENCY CONTACT INDIVIDUAL: _______________________________________________________




All payments may be made by electronic funds transfer (EFT), or by personal, cashier's check or money orders. Please contact TSC for EFT routing and account numbers.

1) All fees, in accordance with the published fee schedule, are due 60 days prior to the originally scheduled program start date. A late fee charge of $200.00 will be assessed if fees are not received by the due date.

2) TSC is a 501 (c) 3, non-profit corporation registered in the state of Texas. All fees paid to Thailand Service Corps (TSC), to include the cost of your airfare, are tax deductible; however, you are advised to consult with your tax advisor to assure deductions are properly applied and requested.


The program fee provides: Airport pick up by a TSC agent, hotel basic room costs, all meals, host accommodations, personalized project to include placement with a host, daily in-country support (lodging, meals, transportation to and from project site, local staff, volunteer coordination, in-country coordinator), trip preparation ( communications, planning, organizing, handbooks), in-country transportation, excursions (when available) including a tour of Bangkok and a Jungle Safari, administrative and in-country assistance costs, (volunteer coordination, local staff, communications, telecommunications equipment, office expense, transportation, community outreach, cultural exchange for Thai teachers or medical staff to USA, program development, aid to hosts/schools/hospitals/Wats, legal assistance, liability, goodwill, registration and licensing with Thai government agencies, marketing, accounting, taxes, employee benefits, and text books), cellular telephone for local or long distance calls.

The program fee does not provide: Air transportation to and from Thailand, visa or passport fees, taxes, immunizations, beverages, internet use, international or domestic phone cards for use with the hand phone, laundry expenses, trip cancellation insurance, medical or emergency evacuation insurance, any other expenses not listed above.


Cancellation of participation, by the participant, must be delivered via certified mail to TSC and is effective only upon receipt by TSC.

1) Cancellations Received Between 30 and 60 Days Before a Project Start Date: Cancellations received no less than 30 days before an originally scheduled project start date will entitle the participant to a 50% refund of the program cost [or of payments made].

2) Cancellations Received 30 Days or Less Before a Project Start Date: Cancellations received 30 days or less before the scheduled project start date will require that the participant be charged 75% of the program fee.

3) Cancellations Received 15 Days or Less Before a Project Start Date: No refund will be issued to a participant canceling 15 days or less before a scheduled start date.

4) Cancellation During the Project: No refund will be issued to a participant canceling once a project has started. However, you may reschedule for a future project date.

5) Cancellation by TSC: In the event that TSC should cancel a project, TSC will provide a total refund to the participant.

6) Delay of Project by TSC:

A) In the event that TSC should delay the start of a project based upon the U.S. Department of State's issuance of a travel warning for Thailand, TSC will hold your fees until the travel warning is lifted and then reschedule you for the next available project.

B) In the event that TSC should delay a project, after the project has started, based upon the U.S. Department of State's issuance of a travel warning for Thailand, TSC will refund to the participant that portion of the in-country remaining funds.


TSC reserves the right to expel anyone who is a danger to him/herself or others who exhibits misconduct or who, in the opinion of TSC or its agents, is unable for any reason to safely or satisfactorily complete the program. In the event the participant is expelled by TSC, no refund will be given to the participant and the participant shall surrender the participant's work permit to TSC and exit the country of Thailand within twenty-four hours following delivery of the notice of the expulsion.


The participant, by signing this application and initialing next to these provisions affirms the following statements and agreements:

______ I agree to travel and participate at my own risk.

______ I acknowledge that there are inherent dangers in traveling to and living in Thailand and the surrounding areas and I agree to travel and participate at my own risk and agree to assume full responsibility for myself and property.

______ I understand that TSC and its agents, both domestic and international, assume no liability for any personal harm or illness to myself or for any loss or damage to any personal property that I may bring to or purchase in Thailand or the surrounding areas.

______ I, my heirs and my personal representatives and assigns, hereby absolve TSC and its agents and hold them harmless from any claim or demand that I, my heirs and my personal representatives and assigns might conceivably assert for any such harm, illness, loss or damage. It is my intent to be legally

______ I understand that I am not required to participate in any activity in which I do not feel comfortable, but that my decision not to participate does not entitle me to a refund for any portion of the project fees.

______ I have or will assess my own personal needs by consulting with a physician concerning immunizations, medical and dietary needs prior to my project participation.

______ I agree to follow all applicable rules, policies and guidelines of TSC whether made part of this application or not and whether published or not. I further agree to follow all applicable rules, policies and guidelines of the host families, as well as, the laws of the Country and communities of Thailand and surrounding areas and the United States of America.


Texas law applies to the performance of this Agreement. If any provision of this Agreement is unenforceable or too broad to be enforced to its full extent, then, that provision and the remaining provisions shall be enforced to the maximum extent permitted by law.


In the event of any legal proceedings wherein TSC is named a party by the participant in contravention of this Agreement's terms, the prevailing party shall be paid all costs of court and reasonable attorney's fees associated with enforcing or defending the terms of this Agreement by the other party.


TSC does not require that you purchase either trip cancellation insurance or medical/emergency evacuation insurance, however, TSC is not responsible for loss or damage to the participant or the participant's property for failure to do so.

I understand that by signing and submitting this Application that I am agreeing to the requirements of TSC. I have read this agreement in its entirety and I agree to its terms.

_____________________________________ ________
SIGNATURE                                          DATE



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